About Us


Prayas is a unique social enterprise with parents, teachers and enlightened corporates’ and citizens partnering to provide accessible global education and vocational training to all irrespective of caste, creed or economic status. 


Vision & Mission

To create a self-sustaining social enterprise that caters to the needs of all sections of society, particularly the economically underprivileged/stressed sections by providing affordable/subsidized/free preschool education, school education and vocational training on a secular and first cum first serve basis.

What We Do | Activities

'Basti' Admission Drive Programme

THE PRAYAS TEAM believes that the way forward to peace, progress and prosperity is through concerted efforts to provide quality education opportunity to all sections of society. We realize that given the commercialization and prohibitive cost of education in the country, a vast section of economically underprivileged do not have access to quality education hampering any meaningful social transformation.

School Seminars

It started with one thought then one video, one class and one school… Now Good touch Bad touch is a whole movement across rural Maharashtra “Saving Childhood”. Thank you team Prayas and Pankaj Bhangale. Keep spreading love.

Our Donors

PRAYAS is indebted to individuals and organizations that have supported on our journey so far. PPL has donated proceeds of  Kalakriti 2016 and 2017

prayas roadmap

Eligibility criteria:

Should be a resident of the area where the branch is located.

Fee Structure:

Affordable Fee Structure Rs.15,000-17000 per annum

Subsidized Fee structure Rs. 9,000-11000 per annum

Free Education Zero Fees

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We have also been featured in the 'Golden Sparrow Publications'